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Preparing to open an online gallery

We are preparing to launch an online gallery this fall to allow people around the world to see the photos from the World Hibakusha exhibition.

As soon as we have a concrete date for the launch, we will announce it here on the web.



Host the World Hibakusha Exhibition (No More Hibakusha) in your country!


You can let more people know about hibakusha by holding an exhibition in your country. 

We will lend you photos of hibakusha from around the world, taken by six Japanese photographers.


For more information, go here.



We are promoting THE HIBAKUSHA project with the aim of holding photo exhibitions in 100 countries around the world.


Outline of THE HIBAKUSHA Project

We will aim to hold THE HIBAKUSHA, a collaborative event whose core is the World Hibakusha Exhibition, around the world.

We will provide to hosting countries, on long-term loan, photo panels for a traveling photo exhibition within that country.

To make the photo exhibition more effective, we will publish a photo collection book in each language.

We will establish in Japan a permanent exhibition space for the World Hibakusha Exhibition, to serve as a place for interaction with overseas. 


For more information, go here.