Calling for donations to hold the World Hibakusha Exhibition (No More Hibakusha) worldwide


Now that there is growing concern over radiation contamination

withinand outside Japan due to the Fukushima Daiichi accident,we would like to hold the World Hibakusha Exhibition (No More Hibakusha)worldwide to help people all over the world

understand the adverse effects of radiation

on human beings and the environment.


We are calling for your donations in order to be able to hold this exhibition

in as many countries as possible.


The bank details for sending your donation are shown below.


Donations to be sent to: 

Mizuho Bank, Shinjuku Minamiguchi Branch

Ordinary account 1566323

sekai hibakushaten (The World Hibakusha Exhibition)



Please e-mail Naoto Anzai for any further information.


Enquiries to:

E-mail: hibakushaten@gmail.com (Naoto Anzai)

Mobile phone: +81-80-3558-3369

Address: #603,Toritsudai Mansion

      1-6-7 Nakane, Meguro-ku,

            Tokyo152-0031, Japan