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The atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear experimentation, nuclear power plant accidents, depleted uranium weapons etc. have produced countless hibakusha (victims of radiation exposure) around the world.  Radioactive materials have covered the earth, spread across the oceans and contaminated animals and plants.  The health impacts of irradiation continue across generations.


Since establishment of the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) No More Hibakusha (World Hibakusha Photo Exhibition) in 2002, we have conveyed the realities of nuclear contamination, as well as the desire of hibakusha for a safe and peaceful world without nukes, through the photographs of hibakusha and nuclear contamination sites taken around the world by 6 Japanese photographers.


This year, as NPO No More Hibakusha celebrates its 15th anniversary, we will pursue THE HIBAKUSHA Project with an aim “to hold the photo exhibition in 100 countries by 2020,” which has been our goal since foundation.


Outline of THE HIBAKUSHA Project

1.     In the 4 years from 2017-2020, we will aim to hold THE HIBAKUSHA, a collaborative event whose core is the World Hibakusha Exhibition, around the world.


2.     We will provide to hosting countries, on long-term loan, photo panels for a traveling photo exhibition within that country.


3.     To make the photo exhibition more effective, we will publish a photo collection book in each language.


4.     We will establish in Japan a permanent exhibition space for the World Hibakusha Exhibition, to serve as a place for interaction with overseas.



■□■THE HIBAKUSHA Plan Outline■□■


A collaborative event to convey the prayers of hibakusha (victims of radiation exposure) for a world without nukes



Towards a Nuclear-Free World (tentative title)




The photographs of the World Hibakusha Exhibition, which convey the realities of nuclear damages around the world and the prayers of hibakusha for a nuclear-free world, have aroused the sympathy of many people, leading them to ask, “What can we do in response to nuclear problems?” or to feel, “I want to do something!”


As part of the Yes Peace! Project, which started up on the occasion of 70 years from war’s end under the banner slogan “Let us change the world by 2020!”, we will call upon local groups of many countries to host THE HIBAKUSHA, a collaborative event that includes photos of the World Hibakusha Exhibition as a core element.


THE HIBAKUSHA program would be assembled by a host group in each country.  The contents and collaborations will be relevant to each host country and, to the extent possible, will incorporate fitting contents and collaborations from Japan and other countries. 


Planners will be encouraged to introduce not only negative histories, but also hope-inspiring efforts toward renewable energy and peace-building relevant to each country’s situation.


Also, wherever possible, we will publish the World Hibakusha Exhibition photo collection book in each host country’s language.  By combining these efforts we anticipate that THE HIBAKUSHA will become an event that draws broader social interest.


Photo panels produced in the language of each country/region will be provided to the local host group, on long-term loan basis, so THE HIBAKUSHA can tour to other locations within the country/region after the initial exhibition has concluded.


Host/Sponsor                                      Planning Committee of each country (or area)


Collaborator (or Co-sponsor)    NPO World Hibakusha Exhibition THE HIBAKUSHA Project Team


Project Period                                      2017 Summer through 2020


■Envisaged Event Format                  

Exhibition length    About 1 month per location

Program                   1  World Hibakusha Exhibition (photo exhibition)

                                    2 Contents related to nuclear and radiation exposure

(Photography, film, drama, music etc. of host country, Japan and other places in the world)

                                      3  Introduce renewable energy and peace-building efforts

                                    4  Talks, Concerts and other stage events

                                    5  Sale of THE HIBAKUSHA (in each language)   … etc.


Publication of Photo Collection Book (in each language)

    Title (tentative)    THE HIBAKUSHA  Towards a Nuclear-Free World


Hibakusha Map

The popular Samurai Map, which illustrates the harms of nuclear by a combination of maps and photos, will be produced and sold in each language.


Contact:  080-3558-3369 (Anzai)



■■■ The World Hibakusha Exhibition ■■■

Towards a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear power


The World Hibakusha Exhibition (NPO No More Hibakusha) was founded by Ittetsu Morishita,

who took photos of sufferers of radiation exposure (hibakushas) in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

for over 40 years.

He and five other photographers who had been reporting on hibakushas

from all over the world started holding this exhibition in 2002,

and, ever since, have been showing their photos in and outside Japan.


Hibakushas, in many parts of the world, including Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl,

nuclear test sites and uranium mining sites, are the clearest living proof of mankind’s folly.


The aim of the exhibition by the six photographers is

to show the world hibakushas’experiences and testimonies through photos,

and to encourage more people in the world to join the campaign for

a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear power.



The World Hibakusha Exhibition was suspended for 6 years

because the founder Ittetsu Morishita fell ill,but it was resumed by his daughter, Miho Morishita,

who held the ‘Urgent’World Hibakusha Forum in Tokyoin December 2011

in response to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster.


This year, with the addition of the photos from Fukushima,

we are going to take our photo exhibition all over the world.


We are also planning to hold various events jointly with citizens’organizations and artists

as part of our campaign for a nuclear free world.




■■■ ENGLISH ■■■

The World Hibakusha Exhibition





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